Fairhaven Shipyard - General Yard Rules

1. No one other than FSC personnel will be allowed to sand, scrape or apply antifoulant paint on any boat while stored at FSC. This policy is a result of ever increasing environmental regulations as they relate to the marine industry. This policy shall be strictly enforced.

2. FSC reserves the right to all work from the toe rail down on all boats stored. No owner supplied anti-fouling paint allowed.

3. All State, Federal and local laws concerning the use, handling, storage and disposal of hazardous waste including, but not limited to, waste oil, batteries, contaminated fuel, paint cans & chips, shall be observed while on yard property. All hazardous waste can be properly disposed through the stockroom and an appropriate disposal fee charged.

4. The tenant agrees to have his boat insured by complete marine coverage including liability. Proof of insurance will be needed with contract. Each tenant will be held responsible for damage he may cause to other boats in the marina or to the structures or facilities thereof. The YARD reserves the right to refuse to haul any boat that they feel they cannot lift safely, due to the condition of the hull and deck. In such case, the deposit will be refunded. The YARD will not be responsible for any molding, guards or trim that may come loose or break off due to the pressure of the slings. Any efforts necessary to minimize such damage will be taken. The YARD will not be responsible for any hull or cradle settling or leveling of the boat. However, the YARD will reblock or re-level the boat at no charge for a period of seven (7) days from the day of hauling. When and wherever possible, the YARD will remove drain plugs, however, responsibility for drain plug removal is the owner’s.

Absolutely no outside labor will be allowed in the YARD unless authorized by the YARD office. Owners will be allowed to work on their own boats only. Service of specialists may be arranged through the YARD office. Their work will be billed through the YARD office and commission will be retained to compensate for the use of the YARD facilities.


Due to varying conditions, hauling is done at the YARD’S convenience. Therefore, owners should not plan to be present for hauling. Boats will not be hauled or launched on Saturday or Sunday unless arrangements have been made beforehand.

All boats stored on cradles will be charged extra labor for moving to storage areas.

Owners working on their boats will be responsible for keeping the area around their boats clean or the YARD will do so at the owner’s expense. To minimize the possibility of fire, owners are not permitted to burn paint, run engines, use heaters, light stoves or use other flammable materials unless under YARD supervision. NO electrical cords may be left plugged in during winter storage and no electrical heaters may be used. There will be an electrical surcharge for all boats using power receptacles.

Non slip customers arriving before Columbus Day will be subject to a $20/day charge.

1. Land stored boats not launched by JUNE FIRST will be subject to an additional land storage charge of $20.00 per day.

2. Wet storage boats not moved by MAY FIRST will be charged at our transient dockage rate.

3. After commissioning boats will be entitled to 7 days of free dockage. After that time, boats will be charged at our transient rate.

Bills may be presented weekly and are due when rendered. A service charge of 1-1/2% per month (18% annually) will be added to balances 30 days past due. Customers are reminded that storage charges are due in full when billed. All bills must be paid in full prior to launching in spring. LAUNCHING DATES WILL ONLY BE GIVEN AFTER ANY AND ALL BALANCES ARE PAID. Deposits for storage are not refundable. The YARD requires five (5) banking days prior to launching on any outstanding balances paid by check unless the check is bank certified.

All charges shall be a lien against the vessel, her tackle furniture and not withstanding anything in the law to the contrary, shall continue to be a lien until such obligation is paid in full. The cost of collection of any monies due us, including, but not limited to attorney’s fees and marshall’s fees, will be added.